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Multi Dialog 10-80kVA 1:1 / 3:1 / 3:3


The MULTI DIALOG Riello UPS series from Riello UPS includes 10-15-20kVA single/single-phase, three/single-phase and 10-15-20-30-40-60-80kVA three-phase models,

and uses double conversion on-line technology (VFI). The load is powered continuously by the inverter with a filtered, stabilized and regulated sinewave supply.

The input and output filters considerably increase the immunity of the load to mains disturbances and surges, even on bypass. For technology, outstanding performance (selectable operating modes: on-line, Economy, Smart-Active, Standby/off-for emergency lighting application) and Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, advanced diagnostics (standard LCD display with 128 messages, RS232 interfaces with PowerShield2 software included, EPO input contact, and network interface slot),MULTI DIALOG Riello UPS provides maximum several hours. Note the simple installation: the 10-20kVA can be connected both to single-phase and three-phase mains supplies.


  • 0.8 power factor makes MULTI DIALOG Riello UPS suitable for powering ICT and industrial loads
  • High level diagnostics: event log with 128 messages, states, measurements and alarms - available from the built-in LCD in several languages
  • The UPS may be configured with the RS232 serial port ( flash upgradable)
  • Power factor correction with sinusoidal input to ensure a low impact on the mains supply for the single-phase/single-phase series
  • Reduced noise levels: high frequency inverter bridge used
  • Low power consumption up to 92% in On-line mode due to the use of IGBT technology and up to 98% in the other operating modes: “Economy Mode”, Smart Active Mode, and Standby/Off Mode:
  • Economy Mode: uses Line Interactive (VI) technology to power less critical loads from the mains supply for certain periods
  • Smart Active: if the mains supply is out of range, the UPS will power the load from the inverter as an On-line UPS. When the mains supply returns to within range again, the UPS will monitor this for a certain period before selecting Line Interactive operation

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