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Sertifikasi ISO Yoritsu

We often face the same problem in using electrical equipment such as computers, TV, audio & communications equipment OFFICE & HOUSE is less than maximum value such tools to work due to an unstable voltage. So that these tools are having problems and eventually broken when we didn't use it for long time.

In a larger capacity power tools are also used for LABORATORY & FACTORY is required to produce a good product and if the problem occurs the company will be charged a lot which resulted also behind a series of problems, not just a broken machine, but productivity is halted and means the cost for the company.

Are we still maintain these inefficiencies?
warranty 5  years
By saving a little money but wasted too much time and high costs?
It's time you check voltage today!!

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yoritsu digital avr family
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500 VA - 1000 KVA


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Stabilizer Yoritsu 1 Phasa
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Stabilizer Yoritsu 3 Phasa
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Factory Stabilizer


Motor Stabilizer Yoritsu

Keunggulannya :
• System Servo Motor
• Kecepatan tinggi & tidak berisik
• PANASONIC & TZUKASA brand from Japan

PCB Stabilizer Yoritsu

Keunggulannya :

High reliability/MTTR
• Plug & Play
• Adjustable 1%, 2%, 3% and 4%
• Respond time within 1-2 Volts

Protection (Optional):
• Under/over voltage alarming
• Automatic cut off
• Fase failure

Winding (Gulungan) Stabilizer Yoritsu

Keunggulannya :

• Proteksi dengan Nylon Cover & Bakelite
• Desain dengan slot untuk menjamin akurasi gulungan
• Kawat dengan ketahanan High Temperature
• Winding di kerjakan dengan mesin CNC.

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